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About us

Okabe Yoshokki  Co., Ltd. has its head office and factory in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, and is good at not only manufacturing metal Western tableware (cutlery) but also pressing and polishing. We also offer easy-to-use products such as silicone rubber, plastic, and woodwork.



We mainly manufacture and sell metal Western tableware (cutlery), but until now we have outsourced only OEM products, and PR was insufficient. Therefore, by assuming the position of president in 2013, we not only sell our own products under our own brand “TE to TE” and secure our position as a manufacturer, but also plan new products and dig up good old products. I did. Yay. Since 2014, we have been aggressively selling overseas to promote excellent Japanese products and Tsubamesanjo product technology. Taking advantage of this blessed environment, we will purchase materials unique to Tsubame Sanjo Industrial Park, secure craftsmen, distribute trading companies and shipped products, and deliver safe, secure and high-quality products to our customers. Will be provided.

Representative Director: Takafumi Okabe


Company Profile


Trade Name Okabe Yoshokki Co., Ltd.
Address Koike Industrial Park, 3633-2, Koike, Tsubame-shi, Niigata
Capital JPY10,000,000.-
CEO Takafumi Okabe
Number of Employees 7




1954.9 The first president, Satoshi Okabe, was established as a private company under the name of Okabe Western Tableware Factory.
1963.4 Export has started. Mainly for Latin America, Middle East and Europe.

It has been reorganized from an individual to a corporation and is called Okabe Yoshokki Co., Ltd.

1974.5 Moved to the current location. The business will be changed from an exporter to a domestic business.
1975.9 The death of the first president, Toshiaki Okabe, becomes the second president.
2003.6 Soft Mouth Spoon has been selected as Good Design Award by Osaka Design Center.
2006.5 Flexible silicon spoon has been selected as Good Design Award by Osaka Design Center.
2013.4 Toshiaki Okabe becomes chairman from the president. Takafumi Okabe becomes the third president.
2014.5 Actively started sales to trade fairs and business meetings, mainly in China and Asia.
2017.2 Started donating a bazaar to Sodegaura Nobuo Gakuen, a facility for children with autism.
2018.12 Round Vegetable Slicer won a special award in the popularity poll of the gift show in Shanghai.




Tsubame Chamber of Commerce

Japan Metal Western Tableware Industry Association

Cooperative Sanjo Industry Association


Factory / Equipment


Crank press 20ton 5 units
Crank press 40ton 6 units
Friction press 200kN 1 unit
Friction press 500kN 1 unit
Friction press 700kN 1 unit
Friction press 900kN 1 unit
Friction press 1200kN 1 unit
1 roll 12 inch
1 roll 10 inch
1 set of automatic grinding machine
1 automatic washing machine


EL. 0256-63-9101 FAX.0256-63-9100
Mail. info@okabeyoshokki.co.jp